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Frequently Asked Questions

Gold Rotation Model

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The Gold Rotation Model (GRM) is our Investment Model for gold enthusiasts. It’s designed to provide ideal entry and exit points for those wishing to invest in gold.
The GRM uses a momentum based approach to dynamically switch between gold and short-term bonds based on gold’s expected future performance. Learn More
Anyone wishing to include gold in their portfolio can use the GRM to find ideal entry and exit points.
Model Investing does not recommend having a significant portion of your total assets in gold. This is because gold pays no dividends or interest and has historically underperformed all other asset classes. If you are going to invest in gold, we recommend restricting it to less than 10% of your overall portfolio.
You can view the GRM’s historical backtested performance here.
You can see the latest GRM recommendations here. Access requires a premium subscription.
Using the GRM is simple. Each month you will receive an alert when the latest GRM recommendations have been posted. Simply log in to your brokerage account and make the appropriate changes to your investments. Learn More
Yes. If you follow the GRM as recommended, you will pay a small commission fee to your brokerage company for each trade. If you prefer to invest in physical gold, you will have to pay the transaction costs associated with your gold bullion dealer.
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