For an investment strategy to work, it has to be simple, robust and effective. It has to fit your lifestyle, and it has to inspire you to stay on track. When an investment strategy is working the way it should, your money will feel like it's growing on autopilot.

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Our calculator can tell you what your account balance would be if you had been following our Models »

Model Investing - ARM Model

The ARM selects between stocks, bonds, and cash to keep you on the right side of any market. Learn More »

Model Investing - SRM Model

The SRM utilizes nine sector funds to keep you in the top performing sector of the market. Learn More »

Model Investing - SRM + ARM Models

This option shows the results of using the SRM and ARM models together. Learn More »

Model Investing - 401 Model

The 401 Model provides 401(k) investors with recommended allocations that change based on market conditions. Learn More »

Model Investing - TSP Model

The TSP Model provides TSP investors with recommended allocations that change based on market conditions. Learn More »

Model Investing - GRM Model

The GRM provides recommendations on when to own gold. Learn More »

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Important: This calculator is presented for educational and illustrative purposes. There is no guarantee the illustrated result or return can be achieved nor does a result reflect the performance of any specific investment. Fees and taxes are not taken into account. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

A Strategy Unlike Any Other

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Stay invested in the top performing areas of the market

Exposure to underperforming assets reduces your returns. Our algorithms ensure your money stays invested in the areas of the market exhibiting the strongest performance.

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Avoid major losses when the market crashes

During the financial crisis and the dot-com collapse, many people lost over half their wealth. Our Models exited the market in the early stages of both catastrophic events.

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Earn higher returns with less risk by investing smarter

The true performance of an investment strategy is measured by Alpha. Our Models deliver exceptional Alpha, allowing you to earn more reward per unit of risk.

Model Investing Asset Rotation Model
Asset Rotation Model (ARM)
Learn More
Model Investing Sector Rotation Model
Sector Rotation Model (SRM)
Learn More
Model Investing 401(k) Allocation Model
401(k) Allocation Model (401)
Learn More
Model Investing TSP Allocation Model
TSP Allocation Model (TSP)
Learn More
Model Investing Gold Rotation Model
Gold Rotation Model (GRM)
Learn More
Dynamically adapts to changing market conditions
Avoids Major Market Crashes
Significantly Outperforms Market/Benchmarks
Complete Portfolio Management Solution
Designed for Individual Investors
Designed for 401(k) Investors
Designed for TSP Investors
Included with Premium Subscription

How It Works

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Our cutting-edge Models are just a few clicks away. Best of all, you can access them for free for one month.

Update Your Investments

Whether you invest through a 401(k), the Thrift Savings Plan, or your own personal accounts, we'll show you exactly what to do.

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Adjust Your Holdings Each Month

Our Models are constantly adapting to changing conditions to keep your money safe and growing. This is what makes them so special.

Have a World-Class Investment Team in Your Corner

The team at Model Investing includes finance professionals, data scientists and software engineers dedicated to helping you make more intelligent investment decisions. Model Investing is at the leading edge of a shift in investment philosophy and approach.

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