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About Model Investing

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Model Investing was created as an alternative investment approach designed to solve the major problems with traditional portfolio management. We focus on optimizing risk-adjusted performance over multiple market cycles. Our team includes finance professionals, data scientists and software engineers dedicated to helping everyday investors grow and protect their investment portfolios.

We believe that everyone, regardless of net worth or influence, deserves the right to a secure and comfortable retirement. We also recognize that many of the investment strategies in use today are inadequate in managing the volatility and risk in today’s markets.

As a result, our firm was founded with a simple mission: To help individual investors make smarter investment decisions.

We accomplish this in two ways:

The first is through education. Our free newsletter contains monthly articles on a wide range of investment related topics. We discuss everything from basic investment principles to advanced asset allocation techniques, to nuances of behavioral finance. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and we aim to spread as much of it as possible. You can read some of our articles here.

The second way that we execute on our mission is by providing clients with access to our proprietary, rules-based Investment Models. We have combed through decades of academic research and done extensive work to identify “market anomalies” (predictable patterns) that provide investors with an edge in the markets.

Using predictive analytics, our investment models assess current market conditions and develop optimal portfolio allocation recommendations. These are provided to our clients at the beginning of every month, enabling them to keep their portfolios in sync with changing financial conditions.

Our belief that everyone deserves a safe and comfortable retirement has been a driving force since our inception. It has led us to create an innovative, self-service investment approach that anyone can access and apply in their own accounts.

Will we always be on the right side of every market? No. But our historical performance is unmatched, and we promise to do everything in our power to help you protect and grow your wealth.

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