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Which Model is Right for Me?

Which Model is Right for Me?Deciding which Investment Model to use is straightforward, but there are a few considerations to take into account.

For the most part, the Investment Model(s) you choose to implement will depend on how you currently invest. If you’re a federal government employee using the Thrift Savings Plan, or you invest through a company sponsored 401(k) plan, we have dedicated Models just for you.

We also have three additional Investment Models for those who invest through their own personal retirement accounts, either primarily, or in addition to an employer sponsored plan.

Regardless of which Model(s) you use (many of our clients use more than just one), rest assured that each one is built on the same cutting-edge technology, and has all the safeguards in place to protect and grow your wealth.

Here are some guidelines to help you get started.

Are you a Federal Government Employee?

If you are, then there’s a good chance you do most of your investing through the federal government sponsored Thrift Savings Plan. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to use our TSP Allocation Model.

The TSP Model is an all inclusive portfolio management system designed specifically for TSP investors. It guides you through using the various TSP funds to maximize the performance of your investments.

Do you invest through a 401(k)?

If you contribute to your employer sponsored 401(k) plan, then we have a specific Model designed just for you. It’s called the 401(k) Allocation Model. This model provides a structured approach that anyone can follow regardless of the investment options in your specific plan.

The 401 Model is a complete portfolio management solution and enables you to keep your 401(k) invested in sync with changing conditions.

Do you invest through Personal Accounts? (Individual, IRA etc.)

If you do not currently invest through a 401(k) or the Thrift Savings Plan (federal government employees), then you must implement a comprehensive investment strategy on your own. While this can be an intimidating task, we have two Models that will enable you to accomplish this with ease.

Our premier Model for individual investors looking for a complete portfolio management solution is called the Asset Rotation Model (ARM). This Model shifts between stocks, bonds and cash to keep your money safe and growing.

We recommend that investors use the Asset Rotation Model for the bulk (50-80%) of their portfolio. You are welcome to invest up to 100% of your portfolio using the Asset Rotation Model, but we have another option for you to consider.


For those investors who are willing to take on a bit more risk in exchange for even better performance, we offer the Sector Rotation Model (SRM). This Model is appropriate for your remaining funds that are not following the Asset Rotation Model.

The Sector Rotation Model enables you to stay in the top performing sector of the market at all times. Because one or two sectors are always outperforming the broader market, this strategy will provide lucrative returns over time.

Do you like to invest in gold?

If you want gold to be a part of your portfolio, we have created a Model specifically for that purpose. The Gold Rotation Model shifts into gold when the metal is expected to rise in value, and shifts to cash when the price of gold is expected to fall.

The Gold Rotation Model can be used as a supplement to any of our other models. Owning gold can act as a store of value and an insurance policy during periods of social and economic unrest.

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