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Do you monitor and adjust your portfolio as financial conditions change? All investment professionals agree this is a requirement for maximizing long-term returns, but few people know how to accomplish this successfully.

That’s where we come in. We provide the tools to keep your investments in sync with changing market conditions, and we make it intuitive and simple.

The unfortunate reality is that many individuals and families never monitor or adjust their investment allocations as the economy cycles from expansion to contraction (recession) and back again. This results in missed opportunities for growth, and the possibility of major losses during market declines. If you have a hunch that your investment performance is not up to par, give us the opportunity to introduce you to a new way to invest.

How it Works

Our team has developed five proprietary, rules-based, investment models that provide recommendations on where and how to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns. The models are based on years of academic research and represent a cutting edge approach to investing.

Model Investing Overview Chart GraphicTwo of the models are designed for those who invest primarily through their employer sponsored retirement accounts: One helps investors actively manage their 401(k) plans, while the other guides federal government employees on how to optimize and allocate their Thrift Savings Plans (TSP).

The other three models are geared towards do-it-yourself investors who are interested in achieving market-beating returns by leveraging the latest statistical research and exploiting market anomalies.

All of our models have built in mechanisms for moving to a position of safety ahead of treacherous market declines. The two most recent bear markets, the dot-com collapse and the financial crisis, wiped out nearly half the wealth of investors who did not see them coming. Our models moved to cash in the very early stages of these catastrophes, preventing significant losses. When the economy and markets began to recover, each model strategically reentered the market to take advantage of rising asset prices.

Our investment models provide updated optimal portfolio allocations on a monthly basis. Updated recommendations are available on the first trading day of each month. Subscribers are encouraged to immediately update their positions, with the understanding that model recommendations do not always change from one month to the next.

If you were to do nothing else other than use our Investment Models to help you move to cash when danger is approaching, and back into the markets when appropriate, you would beat the vast majority of professional money managers. Avoiding the next market crash may be a life changing event.

Subscribe Now and Rest Easy

Access to the right information at the right time is priceless; it can make or break you financially. For less than the cost of a monthly gym membership, you can receive access to expert investment models that will help you avoid market crashes and earn higher, more consistent returns than you ever thought possible.

Investing is the key to financial security and independence, and it begins with a sound strategy. Give Model Investing a try today and see for yourself the clarity, peace of mind, and enhanced returns it will provide.

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