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The Importance of Automation

The Importance of Automation

Keeping our long-term goals in mind at all times requires an immense amount of effort. That's why we're often sidetracked by short-term wants and needs. Automating certain parts of the investment process is akin to putting guardrails around your financial ability to misbehave ... it'll keep you out of trouble and ensure you stay on track for long-term success.

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Why People Underestimate Spending in Retirement

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Planning for retirement may seem intimidating, but it's not quite as difficult as you might expect. In fact, with the answers to just a few key questions, you can have a good idea of where you're headed, and how rosy that final destination may be. You can also easily pinpoint your "move back in with the kids date," in the event that you need to give them some advance notice.

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The Power of Time


Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned investor, or someone just getting started, it often helps to review the most basic fundamental principle that underlies all of investing: compounding. If you truly understand the power of compounding, then you recognize that beyond any other force, it is time that exerts the greatest influence on your investment portfolio.

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