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Why It’s So Difficult to Manage Your Own Portfolio

Door Into Mind

These days, the rage is all about passive investing. That’s because over the last few decades, it’s become crystal clear that active management (aka. stock picking) doesn’t work. Even the most astute stock pickers, with millions of dollars’ worth of research at their fingertips, consistently underperform basic index funds.

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Warren Buffett’s Famous Bet

Warren Buffett

In last month's article, we addressed the topic of active vs. passive management. Specifically, we provided clear and comprehensive evidence that active management is never a prudent decision. Today, we'd like to elaborate on this topic by relaying the story of a famous bet made by the greatest investor of all time - Warren Buffett. Mr. Buffett shares our perspective on this issue, and in typical fashion, made a large wager to prove his point.

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Why You Should Never Invest in Mutual Funds

Piggy Bank With Black Eye

Mutual funds have long been a staple for investors, offering instant diversification and the prospect of having a professional money manager in charge of your portfolio. But changes to the structure of investment vehicles, specifically the introduction of exchanged-traded funds (ETFs), have rendered the old-school mutual fund obsolete.

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