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What is Momentum and Why Does it Work?

The concept of momentum originated with regard to classical mechanics, in which it refers to the tendency of a moving object to keep moving along its direction of travel. In finance, and especially with regard to investing, we talk in terms of price momentum. As you can infer, this is the tendency for asset prices to continue moving in the same direction they are currently heading.

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Individual Bonds vs. Bond Funds

When it comes to fixed income investing, there are two options available to investors. You can own individual bonds, or you can purchase shares of a bond fund. Both options have unique advantages and disadvantages that make them suitable under certain conditions.

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Dynamic vs. Fixed Asset Allocation

Stocks? Bonds? Cash? Where should your money be invested? Over the last few decades it has become commonplace to talk about stocks and bonds from a fixed-allocation perspective. This approach to portfolio management has become ingrained in our society; however, it is a very dangerous way to approach investing.

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